Third technical meeting of focal specialists on international labour migration statistics in ASEAN

The International Labour Migration Statistics (ILMS) Database in ASEAN was successfully published on 18 December 2014 as a special collection on the ILO’s central database, ILOSTAT, as well as through the APMigration web-portal.

The ILMS Database in ASEAN fills several important knowledge gaps for the region. For the very first time, it permits a comprehensive analysis of the existing labour migration trends within the region to help in the design and implementation of evidence-based policies. It maps out the scope and quality of the existing data sources in each country to highlight the ongoing knowledge gaps and to help better harmonise their definitions and coordinate their future implementation.

In order to help fill some of these gaps and to help strengthen and further sustain the process of data collection and sharing in ASEAN, ILO is hosting its Third Technical Meeting of Focal Specialists on International Labour Migration Statistics in ASEAN. The Meeting will bring together Member States’ experts responsible for collecting and analysing the data in each country alongside representatives from the ASEAN Secretariat, UN ESCAP and ILO. It will update and share with them the successful progress the work has made so far; discuss outstanding issues and the data sources still outstanding; identify remaining gaps and potential national capacity needs; and discuss the next steps to be taken in this collaborative project. The meeting will also launch the third round of data collection, which will take place during July-August 2015 and be published on ILOSTAT in September 2015.