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  1. Press release

    Decent work towards 2050: Joint ILO-PIF Pacific Tripartite High-Level Dialogue opens

    23 April 2024, Suva, Fiji

    Government, employer, and worker representatives gather in Fiji to shape priorities needed for quality and inclusive employment growth across the region.

  2. Press release

    100 Thai automotive industry workers gain essential hard skills to keep pace with rapidly changing technology

    23 April 2024, Bangkok, Thailand

    Training helps enhance workers’ job prospects while supporting Thai automotive industry efforts to close skills gaps.

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    Forced Labour and Human Trafficking

    Law Enforcement Officers from Balochistan Empowered Against Forced Labor and Human Trafficking

    18 April 2024, Quetta, Pakistan

    Law enforcement departments unite for the first time to identify and address situations of forced labour, especially in exposed sectors like brick kilns and agriculture.

  4. Media advisory

    Pacific Tripartite High-Level Dialogue on Decent Work and the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent to take place 23-26 April 2024 in Suva, Fiji

    15 April 2024, Suva, Fiji

    Organized by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), the event will foster a coordinated and inclusive approach to ensure decent work in the Pacific.

  5. ILO/China Partnership Programme

    Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting held in Lao to Map Out Strategy for 2024

    10 April 2024, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Project Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting held successfully in Lao PDR.

  6. Press release

    Young people in Thailand’s Songkhla and Yala provinces struggling to enter the labour market

    09 April 2024,

    New ILO report shares insight into the current youth employment situation and the need for greater support for young people to find decent work.

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    Press release

    EU supports ILO and partners to empower community leaders to ensure safe migration of Filipino fishers

    03 April 2024, Cebu, Philippines

    Outreach effort leverages church network across the country to help convey the practical realities of work in fishing.

  8. Press release

    Review highlights progress made and challenges facing Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s National Social Protection Strategy

    02 April 2024,

    Recommendations include ways to improve overall social protection coverage and the quality and efficacy of social welfare programmes.

  9. Press release

    Lao Social Security Organisation officials improve their actuarial and modelling skills

    02 April 2024,

    Training helps key officials gain confidence in skills to financially manage national social security schemes.

  10. Press release

    Bolaven Plateau communities embrace social security

    02 April 2024,

    A pilot initiative is bringing social protection services to farmers in rural areas of Lao People’s Democratic Republic.