Case studies of enterprises formalization

These documents are part of a series of case studies by the Enterprises Department of the ILO. Each case study presents one or several approaches that contribute to enterprise formalization across the world. The case studies provide a snapshot on a particular initiative and may not be exhaustive. Some case studies on new technologies lead directly to formalization, whereas others have a more indirect effect, as they contribute to enterprise development.

Case study 1: Progressive access to finance and support to encourage enterprise formalization: Experiences from Egypt and Chile

Case study 2
: Promoting business linkages with small enterprises as an incentive to formalize: Experiences from Chile

Case study 3: Certification and access to markets as an incentive to formalize: Experiences of Georgian dairy producers and farmers

Case study 4: Improved working conditions, productivity and income for formalized women tanners: Guédiawaye Artisanal Tanners Cooperative, Senegal

Case study 5
: Activités de formalisation des très petites, petites entreprises et artisans Quelques expériences du Cameroun

New technologies

Case study 6: The platform in Bénin

Case study 7: São Paulo Public Procurement in Brazil

Case study 8: Sokowatch: A delivery and credit app

Case study 9: The Kiva online platform

Case study 10: MicroMentor: The social platform