Interactive map

Map of ILO interventions on Enterprise Formalization

Welcome to the ILO Enterprise Formalization Map. This map presents ongoing and completed assessments and activities by ILO offices and projects to promote formalization in small enterprises.

Inclusive development and decent work cannot be realized without formalization of small businesses. Therefore, the ILO works with governments, social partners, and key stakeholders to promote formalization interventions tailored to national contexts. They focus on the realities on the ground enabling enterprises to transition to formality, while ensuring the preservation and improvement of existing livelihoods during the transition.

This interactive map provides detailed information on such select interventions, disaggregated by country, assessment type (informal sector or informal economy), and activity type (National Action Plans, business compliance, social security incentives, market incentives, capacity building etc.).

For more information on these as well as other ILO interventions on enterprise formalization (for instance, assessments on the impact of COVID-19), please contact us at