Technical reports on greening SMEs

Resource list | 11 April 2023
Évaluation de l’environnement favorable aux entreprises durables pour une transition juste dans l’économie bleue aux Comores

An assessment of the enabling environment for sustainable enterprises in the Comoros to identify key barriers for employers and workers, and to faciliate a just transition for SMEs.
A double transition: Formalization and the shift to environmental sustainability with decent work

Discussion paper on the linkages between SME formalization and environmental sustainability, with reflections on how strategies to promote formalization can support environmentally sustainable outcomes and vice versa.
Rapport de sélection de sous-secteurs agro-industriels pour le projet ProAgro Maroc

Report providing qualitative and quantitative data to identify key agro-industrial subsectors for project intervention, as part of the ProAgro Morocco project.
Sectoral assessment of women’s entrepreneurship development in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors in Somalia

Sectoral assessment merging the ILO methodologies of sector selection, value chain analysis and WED assessment to enhance women's contribution to job creation and economic growth in Somalia.
Responsible tourism in Viet Nam

Rapid market assessment studying the growth potential of Viet Nam’s tourism sector by promoting new job opportunities and decent work alongside strengthening resilience to climate change.
Routes out of the crisis: Strategies for local employment recovery, skills development and social protection in Asia

Pilot application of a sectoral assessment methodology in value chain development aimed at strengthening ownership of interventions by local stakeholders.
ILC Conclusions concerning the promotion of sustainable enterprises

ILC Conclusions, June 2007 on how to promote enterprise development that aligns enterprise growth with sustainable development objectives and decent work.