Policy recommendations on greening SMEs

Resource list | 11 April 2023
How MSMEs can contribute to and benefit from a just transition

Policy brief aimed at presenting the linkages between just transition and SMEs, providing stakeholders with recommendations for implementation.
Employment and just transition to sustainability in the BRICS countries

ILO report for the first BRICS Employment Working Group meeting addressing the progress of BRICS countries towards a just transition.
Theory of Change: Enterprise formalization for decent work

ToC on how formalization can lead to more sustainable enterprises and decent work, in line with the ToC framework on the transition from informal to the formal economy.
Market systems development and the environment

Guidance note offering practical advice spanning from project design to project implementation to help MSD programmes to better integrate environmental objectives.
Market systems development and a just transition: Tanzania

Brief on the lessons learned from a market systems analysis conducted by the ILO Green Jobs Programme in Tanzania’s horticulture sector.
Building decent work for all: A market systems analysis in Mozambique

Brief on the analysis of the construction value chain in Mozambique to build greener enterprises and empower women through job creation.
Just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all

Policy brief on the main challenges to a carbon-neutral economy, how just transition can work in practice and what trade unions and workers’ organizations can do.
The science in adaptive management

Brief on what ‘adaptive management’ means in the context of development cooperation.