Focus value chain(s): 6 agriculture value chains Grape
Decent work objective: Youth employment in fragile settings, working conditions and productivity
Partner: Road to Jobs (SIDA-ILO)
Read: Road to Jobs Afghanistan 


Focus value chain(s): Rice sector
Decent work objective: Increasing Export
Partner: ILO
Read: Impacting Jobs Through Increasing Exports: Evidence From Cambodia's Rice Sector


Focus value chain(s): Refugee and Host Communities in Jijiga
Decent work objective: Improving livelihoods using the Approach to Inclusive Market Systems (AIMS)
Partner: ILO, BMZ and GIZ
Read: Evaluation of Market Systems Development Interventions for Refugee and Host Communities in Jijiga, Ethiopia


Focus value chains(s): Wood and furniture sector
Decent work objective: SME productivity and working conditions
Partner: SCORE-Peru
Read: Action Research in Peru's Wood and Furniture Sector: Carving out a new approach for better jobs


Focus value chains(s): Soybeans, Aquaculture, Agro-culture input markets
Decent work objective: Youth Employment
Partner: Yapasa (SIDA-ILO)
Content: An account of the Yapasa projects adaptive journey to create youth employment in agriculture using the market systems approach
Read: Fail, recalibrate, adapt, achieve: how Yapasa used the market systems approach to create opportunities for Zambia's rural youth

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