Results measurement


Focus value chains(s): Rice
Decent work objective: Job creation, working conditions and smallholder incomes
Partner: International Finance Corporation
Read: Impacting jobs through increasing exports – Evidence from Cambodia’s Rice Sector


Decent work objective: Youth employment / entrepreneurship and Gender Mainstreaming
Partner: Business Development Centre and Taqeem initiative
Read: Maharat Training for Employment in Jordan


Focus value chains(s): Micro-distribution and retail
Decent work objective: Youth employment
Partner: Adam Smith International (DFID)
Read: Crafting – Towards a systemic approach to job creation for youth in Mombasa


Decent work objective: Copper and Gold mining
Partner: RMIT University and PanAust Limited
Read: Supply chains and systemic change: the case of a mining multinational in Laos


Decent work objective: Youth entrepreneurship /employment and Gender mainstreaming
Partner: Berytech and Taqeem Initiative
Read: Fostering employment through business support to young entrepreneurs in Lebanon


Decent work objective: Youth empowerment and Gender mainstreaming
Partner: Youth and Trade Initiative (International Trade Centre) and Taqeem initiative
Read: Trade Accelerator for Young Entrepreneurs in Morocco

Sri Lanka

Focus value chains(s): Ornamental Fish, Floriculture
Decent work objective: Incomes and SME development
Partner: Springfield Center
Read: Can development results last a decade? A sustainability assessment of an ILO enterprise development project in Sri Lanka.
Click here for the summary brief and here for the full report version


Focus value chains(s): Horticulture
Decent work objective: Smallholder incomes
Partner: BOSS project (ILO-New Zealand Aid)
Read: The BOSS project in Timor-Leste – Thin markets, thick impact?

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