ILO SCORE helps SMEs to move towards a Circular Economy and Net-Zero

This month’s SCORE Global Trainer Network Webinar focused on knowledge sharing and promoting the new SCORE Training module.

Article | 25 April 2023
The latest edition of the SCORE Global Trainer Network Webinar – “Supporting SMEs to move towards a Circular Economy and Net-Zero” took place on 19 April 2023.

Over 70 participants connected to learn from the success story of a small company in Vietnam and to become more familiar with the new SCORE Training module. Through the sharing of good practices and participating in a short quiz, participants were able to gain new insights and knowledge on the circular economy and net zero.

Lecka – a small business creating nutritious, healthy snacks in Vietnam shared the steps taken to enhance their sustainability. In addition to using eco-friendly packaging, Lecka is also committed to minimising its carbon footprint. They have made deliberate efforts to track their greenhouse has emissions, which have been published online.

Following the presentation by Lecka, and a small quiz on the circular economy, the brand new SCORE4Climate module was introduced. Adopting a comprehensive approach, the overall objective of the module is to support SMEs to start their path towards a circular economy. It features the key concepts related to a circular economy, as well as introduce good practices and practical tools for enhancing materials, water, chemical and energy efficiency. Participants were also able to learn about the benefits of moving away from a linear model to a circular economy, which would not only benefit the environment, but would also entail substantial benefits for SMEs and their workers, including cost savings, improved product quality, increased competitiveness, enhanced resilience, augmented productivity and safety and health of workers. The module will be tested in selected companies throughout 2023.

Stay tuned for the next SCORE Trainer Network Webinar which will take place in September.

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