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    ILO and European Commission agree new employment research to advance social justice

    18 May 2023

    The research aims to fill policy gaps and better communicate findings to policymakers and other stakeholders.

  2. Second meeting of the Policy Working Group (PWG) in Egypt

    08 May 2023

  3. STRENGTHEN2 reinforces employment impact assessment capacity for national stakeholders and international partners in Namibia

    02 May 2023

  4. High Level Meeting Builds Momentum for Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions

    27 April 2023

  5. ILO to advocate for decent jobs for marginalized young people at UN Youth Forum

    21 April 2023

  6. Building the capacity of government and social partners on International Labour Standards, Social Dialogue, and Inclusive Collective Bargaining in the agro-processing sector

    03 April 2023

  7. African Union, Cirad, FAO and ILO discuss action plan for new initiative on job-rich recovery in agriculture and agri-systems in Africa

    15 March 2023

    The initiative “JobAgri” aims to fill evidence gaps in the labour content of the agriculture and agri-food sectors to create decent employment. Supported by innovative knowledge generation on the quality and quantity of labour in Africa’s agri-food sector, the programme provides guidance on policy and investments for a job-rich recovery.

  8. First regional knowledge-sharing workshop on the impact of trade and investment policies on productive and decent employment in the Southern Mediterranean countries

    14 March 2023

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    ILO launches innovative platform to strengthen policy action for full employment

    09 March 2023

    The ILO’s Employment Policy Action Facility (EPAF) is a new knowledge-sharing and technical assistance platform that provides evidence-based, timely and relevant support for developing, implementing and reviewing employment policies.

  10. STRENGTHEN2 project visits Cameroon to discuss its needs on Employment Impact Assessment

    06 March 2023

  11. STRENGTHEN 2 project concludes its second Mission to Malawi

    06 March 2023

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    “Jobs for all” - European Union and Sweden pledge five million euros in support of employment of young women and the hard-to-employ in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    28 February 2023

    The new project “EU4Employment”, introduced to the public on 27 February 2023 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be implemented by the ILO with a budget of four million euros from the European Union and one million euros from Sweden.

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    ILO and SECO launch collaboration to accelerate employment creation in Moldova

    24 February 2023

    The ILO and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) combined efforts for employment promotion, skills development, and formalization to create new jobs especially for rural communities and vulnerable populations including youth and women in the Republic of Moldova.

  14. Third meeting of the Policy Working Group in Jordan

    24 January 2023


  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Commits to Decent Jobs for Youth

    16 December 2022

  2. ProAgro Ethiopia project 3rd Technical Advisory Groups (TAG) meeting- from the meeting note

    18 November 2022

  3. ILO participates at the Global Lifelong Learning Summit 2022

    10 November 2022

    ILO SKILLS participates in Singapore’s Global Lifelong Learning Summit 2022 with a workshop on “Micro-credentials: Promoting lifelong learning and careers”.

  4. First Global Careers Month to highlight importance of investing in career guidance

    08 November 2022

    The Inter-Agency Career Guidance Working Group (IAG CGWG) has launched the first Global Careers Month, which will run from 8 November to 13 December.

  5. Sustaining Peace in Practice: Geneva Peace Week event explores the topic of breaking the siloes between humanitarian, development, and peace action

    08 November 2022

    Workshop organized by Interpeace in collaboration with the ILO, WHO, UNFPA, IOM, UNICEF and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.

  6. Towards a new social justice coalition: Geneva Peace Week event explores the role of international labour standards in sustaining peace

    08 November 2022

    Workshop on "Promoting international labour standards and decent work for social justice, peace and resilience".