STRENGTHEN2 attended the International Input-Output Association Conference in Alghero (Italy)

News | 17 July 2023
A few members of the STRENGTHEN2 team attended the 29th International Input-Output Association Conference in Alghero (Italy), from June 25-30, 2023. They presented papers in the session entitled “Assessing Employment Impacts Using Simulation Models: Some Sub-Saharan African Experiences”, and the main audience was composed of academics, policy-makers and think thanks members of the International Input-Output Association from different parts of the world.

The event was an excellent opportunity to present STRENGTHEN2 and bring more visibility to its activities, particularly to the Structural Model for Sustainable Development (SMSD) developed by the ILO and used by the S2 to conduct employment impact assessments. The papers presented at the conference also had the chance to benefit from comments provided by experts in the field of SAM-based economic modelling.