PROSPECTS podcast series

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Audio | 23 November 2023
In just 15 minutes, discover the realities refugees and host communities face and how digital technology is transforming their job opportunities.

The podcast episodes amplify the voices of guest experts driving change and innovation for the inclusion of refugees and host communities in the digital economy. Follow the discussion through the Learning Lab Series "Promoting decent work in the digital economy" and explore new approaches to foster an inclusive digital transformation.


Podcast episode 3
> Inclusion is good for business: Private sector practices to include refugees and host communities in the digital economy

Guest speaker:
Giselle Gonzales, Founder of EqualReach

Date: 08/03/2024
Podcast episode 2
> Understanding Digital Risks: Protecting Displaced and Host Communities in the Digital Economy

Guest speaker:
Aaron Martin, Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Data Science at the University of Virginia

Date: 11/01/2024
Podcast episode 1
> Bringing digital skills and jobs for youth in rural areas and refugees in Turkana, Kenya

Guest speaker:
June Helderle, Co-founder of the non-profit organization Learning Lions

Date: 27/11/2023

The PROSPECTS Podcast is brought to you by the Opportunity Fund project Opportunity Fund project on the Promotion, inclusion and protection of refugees and host communities in the gig economy, with the generous funding of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.