PROSPECTS podcast series

Episode 2: Understanding Digital Risks: Protecting Displaced and Host Communities in the Digital Economy

Audio | 11 January 2024



Digital risks pose significant challenges for refugees and host communities in the digital economy, from identity theft to privacy concerns and more.
How do we help people safely navigate and work in the digital economy, in particular on platform work?

In our second episode, Dr. Aaron Martin, Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Data Science at the University of Virginia, discusses how these risks impact individuals and businesses in online work. He highlights the need for diverse stakeholders to address these risks, emphasizing the importance of awareness, digital literacy, and fair work environments.

A social scientist specializing in technology policy and data governance, Dr. Aaron Martin studies how regulation can facilitate just, inclusive, and secure digital societies. In addition to focusing on how transnational policy is established by international bodies and humanitarian organizations, he explores how users in historically marginalized communities, including refugees and other vulnerable people, understand and shape technology and its regulation. He is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Data Science at the University of Virginia. His website is:

The PROSPECTS Podcast is brought to you by the Opportunity Fund project Opportunity Fund project on the Promotion, inclusion and protection of refugees and host communities in the gig economy, with the generous funding of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.