PROSPECTS Opportunity Fund Project

Promotion, inclusion and protection of refugees and host communities in the gig economy

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A global digital transformation is underway, but its impacts on jobs and skills vary across countries, economic sectors, and population segments. The PROSPECTS Opportunity Fund project “Promotion, inclusion and protection of refugees and host communities in the gig economy” is working at the crossroads of policy-oriented research, advocacy and capacity building to foster meaningful social dialogue and to identify prospects for an inclusive access to decent work pathways in the digital economy, in the context of forced displacement.

Implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency), as part of the Partnership for Improving Prospects for Forcibly Displaced Persons and Host Communities (PROSPECTS) and funded by the Government of the Netherlands, the Opportunity Fund project, since January 2022, has been working in eight priority countries that host large numbers of forcibly displaced people: Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Sudan and Uganda.

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ILO News

  1. Meeting document

    Learning memos: Inclusive private sector development in forced displacement contexts

    23 January 2024

    The learning memos capture key discussions and takeaways from the technical knowledge-sharing event on engaging and developing the private sector in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus organized by ILO PROSPECTS.

  2. Virtual launch event

    Interactive dialogue and launch of Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work

    The webinar will feature an interactive and inter-generational dialogue on the importance of promoting youth rights at work for individuals, businesses and societies, and launch "Work Wise Youth: A guide to youth rights at work". The guide is intended to support ILO constituents and other stakeholders in their initiatives aimed at raising young people's awareness of their rights at work, with a focus on those in forced displacement contexts.

  3. PROSPECTS podcast series

    Episode 2: Understanding Digital Risks: Protecting Displaced and Host Communities in the Digital Economy

    11 January 2024