11 November 2023

349th ter (Special) Session of the Governing Body

Minutes of the session (GB.349ter/PV)

On 13 September 2023, the 14 regular members of the Employers’ group submitted a request under paragraph 3.2.2 of the Standing Orders of the Governing Body for a special meeting of the Governing Body to urgently place a standard-setting item on the right to strike on the agenda of the 112th Session (June 2024) of the International Labour Conference. According to the request, it is proposed that the Conference adopt a Protocol to Convention No 87 on the
right to strike, or more broadly on industrial action, with a view to authoritatively determining the scope and limits of the right to strike in the context of Convention No 87, and thus settling the ongoing interpretation dispute. At its meeting of 28 September 2023, the tripartite screening group decided that the special meeting to discuss the request of the Employers’ group shall be held on 11 November.

What's New

On 1 November 2023, in the context of its 349th Session, the Governing Body decided that the two special sessions of the Governing Body of 10-11 November shall be held, in part, as a Committee of the Whole. Under article 4.3 of the Standing Orders of the Governing Body, “the Governing Body may decide to meet as a Committee of the Whole in order to hold an exchange of views, in which representatives of governments that are not represented on the Governing Body may, in the manner determined by it, be given an opportunity to express their views with respect to matters concerning their own situation.

In this respect, the Governing Body approved practical arrangements, especially as regards the efficient time management of the discussion and requested that those arrangements be promptly brought to the knowledge of all Member States.