Tunisian Trade Unions Working For Peace and Democracy (in Arabic)

Mr. Abdessalem Jerad, General Secretary of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) spoke to the ILO Governing Body in a high-level discussion on Challenges and Change in the Arab World. Mr. Jerad thanked the Director-General for his support for the Tunisian revolution and for helping to meet the people's needs for decent work, decent wages and social justice. He referred to the Director-General's statement of 19 January 2011, supporting the demands of the revolutionaries and workers of Tunisia and the workers' movement, and said it had a significant impact coming at a moment when there was no guarantee that the revolution would succeed in its efforts to overthrow the dictatorship and put an end to corruption. Other participants in the discussion included H.E. Dr. Ahmed El-Borai, Minister of Manpower and Migration of Egypt; and Mr. Habib Yousfi, President of the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises (CGEA).