ILO in the media


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    "Challenges ahead for the jobs market" Director-General is interviewed by CNN during the World Economic Forum in Davos, 24 January 2008

    24 January 2008


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    BBC's World Business Report focuses on productivity

    04 September 2007

    BBC's World Business Report talks about labour productivity and other Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) with Lawrence J. Johnson.

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    CNBC World Business reports on child labour

    27 July 2007

    CNBC's World Business programme talks with the ILO expert Frank Hagemann and reports on global efforts to eliminate child labour.

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    Leman Bleu TV discusses ILO Global Report on Discrimination

    15 May 2007

    Leman Bleu TV talks to Zafar Shaheed about how Switzerland is faring in its efforts to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

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    Afghanistan: Women Entrepreneurs

    29 April 2007

    More than two decades of conflict have crippled Afghanistan’s economy. But some Afghan women are taking their handicraft skills to the market and playing an active role in the country’s reconstruction and development.

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    ABC News: Child soldiers in Uganda

    28 April 2007

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports from Northern Uganda where thousands of children have been forced to labour as child soldiers.

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    Rebuilding Baphuon Temple in Angkor, Cambodia

    07 April 2007

    Tourists will soon be able to visit one of Angkor’s greatest treasures: the 11th century Baphuon temple. Now the temple is the centre of a huge archaeological reconstruction effort. Safety training means today’s Khmer construction workers are reclaiming this piece of their heritage without the dangers their ancestors faced.

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    Making information technology work for agriculture in India

    30 March 2007

    Using IT in the agricultural sector is one solution to help reduce poverty in India and bridge the digital divide.

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    Tanzania: Sowing the Seeds of Women's Rights

    17 March 2007

    Harvesting flowers for Valentine's Day is not always a bed of roses for those who work in the cut flower industry, but in Tanzania, employers and unions are working together to improve conditions on commercial flower farms as ILO TV reports for CNN World Report.

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    Marinalva: Mobile squad labour inspector

    11 March 2007

    In Brazil, labour inspectors are dispatched in mobile units to rescue victims of forced labour and one veteran in the force also happens to be a woman as ILO TV reports for CNN World Report.