ILO in the media


  1. Video

    ILO Understanding with Myanmar

    27 February 2007

    BBC World TV's "Asia Today" talks to ILO Executive Director Kari Tapiola about the Understanding agreed to with Myanmar which will enable alleged victims of forced labour to seek redress.

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    Occupational Safety and Health in Bulgaria

    06 February 2007

    With Bulgaria's entry into the European Union, employers place a high priority on safety and health in the workplace.


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    Cultural heritage project a tool for development in Peru

    24 December 2006

    Poor communities in Northern Lima, Peru benefit from a colonial church restoration project led by architect Luis Villacorta, an alumnus of the ILO's International Training Centre in Turin, Italy. ILO TV reports.

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    Sweet taste of success

    05 November 2006

    ILO business training has helped Tsunami survivor, Asriana, turn her donut-making enterprise into a success.

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    Post-tsunami road-building project in Banda Aceh

    12 August 2006

    ILO TV reports on a post-tsunami road-building project in Banda Aceh, Indonesia for CNN World Report.

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    Street children back to school in Morocco

    21 July 2006

    A footbal pitch and a circus tent lure children off the streets, out of child labour and back to school in Morocco as ILO TV reports.

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    HIV/AIDS prevention in Cameroon

    13 July 2006

    ILO TV reports on how an HIV/AIDS workplace prevention program in Cameroon is becoming a model for the country and the region.

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    Uganda tea plantation child labour

    07 July 2006

    In Western Uganda trade unions, employers and local radio are working together to encourage children to stop working in the tea plantations and go to school.

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    Street children in Romania

    11 June 2006

    ILO TV looks at the situation of street children in Romania for CNN World Report.

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    Furniture industry

    19 May 2006

    ILO TV and CNN World Report look at the Indonesian teak wood furniture industry as it copes with competition from mass-production.