ILO in the media


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    Global Employment Trends 2003

    23 January 2004

    The ILO's report "Global Employment Trends" is the lead story on the BBC-TV's premiere business program.


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    Russian mine rescue

    29 October 2003

    Norman Jennings, ILO mining expert, is interviewed on the BBC World TV program "Newshour" about the recent rescue of Russian miners. He discusses Russia's problems and progress in dealing with mine safety and discusses factors that might contribute to mining accidents in the region.

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    What is the future of Peru's Trade Unions?

    27 October 2003

    Trade Unions and the challenge of freedom of association in Latin America. Dr. Maria-Luz Vega explains to Radio RPP Lima why Trade Unions continue to play an ever important role in the country's economic and social development.

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    The world is getting more productive faster

    29 September 2003

    Author of the 3rd Annual Labour Market Report, Mr. Johnson appropriately discusses the global labour trends outlined in the ILO’s report on American Labour Day. He highlights the reasons for the acceleration in productivity in the US and looks at how one might approach improving the productivity and efficiency of individual sectors in Africa and Latin America.

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    As the economy moves forward jobs will be created

    26 September 2003

    This is the conclusion of the 3rd Annual Labour Market Report by the International Labour Office. Author of the report, Mr. Lawrence J. Johnson discusses the global labour trends and in particular how the inclusion of technology into the marketplace has enabled the US to improve its productivity. According to Mr. Johnson the question is not whether jobs will be created but how fast and how many.

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    ILO TV takes us to Kiev to investigate the corroding health care system

    29 July 2003

    With an economy in transition and high unemployment, universal healthcare for the people of the Soviet Republic of Ukraine is no longer an option. At a time when new studies have uncovered that there is a rise in infectious diseases, namely TB and Aids and now the added threat of SARS, health workers are not only struggling to survive on their poor wages but fearful of falling victim to the same diseases they are attempting to treat.

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    Victims of poverty and racial discrimination, the Roma look to the ILO for a solution

    22 July 2003

    According to the International Labour Organization's new report on discrimination in the workplace, the Roma people, also known as Gypsies are victim to the highest unemployment rates in Europe. As ILO TV reports, 90 per cent of Roma people of working age are jobless.

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    Disability discrimination in the Ukraine

    24 June 2003

    People with disabilities were rarely seen in the Ukraine under the Soviet system with the result that they now face discrimination when trying to find a job.But ILO-supported training programs are helping them secure their place in the workplace.

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    Microhealth insurance in Senegal

    17 June 2003

    Microhealth insurance schemes provide access to much needed health care for the musicians and fishermen in Senegal, while benefitting the community at large.

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    Interview with ILO’s Dirk Belau on the potential impact of SARS on employment

    29 May 2003

    Following the release of the report on the new threats to employment in the travel and tourism industry 2003, Mr. Belau speaks with CNN about the effect that recent crises have had on labour and could continue to have, namely the 5 million jobs lost if the crisis persists.