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ILO Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) Programme

Ukrainian companies invest in future, despite the war

The massive destruction caused by the war in Ukraine has not prevented employers from taking part in an ILO-supported training programme on business continuity and resilience.

News | 15 August 2023

©AFP/Yurii Rylchuk         An employee at work at the Eco Berry Farming Enterprise that focuses on growing, processing and freezing berries and forest products, Tyshkivtsi village, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, western Ukraine.
BUDAPEST (ILO News) – Fifty Ukrainian companies have taken part in ILO-supported training on business continuity, resilience, improved performance and competitiveness – despite the devastation caused by the war.

With a third of companies countrywide yet to return to pre-war operational levels, the Association of Employers’ Organisations of Ukraine (AEOU) set up a service to train and advise companies, based on the ILO Sustainable and Resilient Enterprises (SURE) Programme.

A further 1200 companies benefited from training sessions on a range of topics including EU trade and environmental regulations for exporting companies, energy efficiency, new production technologies, waste management and the circular economy.

The training, delivered by national and international experts, equipped participants with the knowledge and skills they need to anticipate and respond to any type of disruption, as well as to recover and thrive.
“Our company is the major Ukrainian manufacturer of mechanical engineering and modular equipment. The enterprise is located in the city of Sumy, about 30 km from the border with Russia. Since the war broke out in Ukraine, Sumy has been under constant bombardment. Nevertheless, we did not relocate, opting instead to stay in our native city despite numerous challenges. The training on business sustainability and resilience was incredibly beneficial for our company.
This training and the follow up coaching provided our company with tailored tools for reconsidering our customer priorities. Previously, our company was more oriented to domestic customers. Now we are ready to embark on building a more ambitious export strategy to achieve resilience and sustainability,” said Oleksiy Havrylenko, Director of Energomash Company, E.M.A. Group.

The AEOU also plans to train Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) on long-term sustainable solutions to energy shortages arising from the war. Many face frequent interruptions in electricity, water and heat supplies, which have resulted in temporary suspensions of business activities.