June 1999

  1. Press release

    International Labour Conference Takes Aim at Abusive Forms of Child Labour

    01 June 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - International efforts to improve the lot of millions of child labourers while providing decent work for men and women worldwide took centre stage at the opening of the 87 th International Labour Conference in Geneva today. The Conference, attended by tripartite delegations representing governments, employers and workers from the ILO's 174 member States, is expected to adopt an historic international Convention and Recommendation on eliminating the worst forms of child labour.

May 1999

  1. Press release

    International Labour Conference Set to Adopt a New Convention Outlawing the Worst Forms of Child Labour

    31 May 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) – Delegates to the 87 th session of the International Labour Conference, which gets underway in Geneva on Tuesday, 1 June 1999, are set to adopt a new International Convention designed to eliminate the worst forms of child labour, including child slavery and the use of children in activities that are physically and emotionally damaging to their well-being.

  2. Press release

    International Labour Office and Inter-Parliamentary Union Sign Cooperative Accord

    27 May 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The International Labour Office (ILO) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) today signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation between them, and take practical steps aimed at promoting social justice, democratic principles and human rights.

  3. Press release

    International Labour Conference 1-17 June 1999

    26 May 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The 87 th Session of the International Labour Conference opens on Tuesday, 1 st June 1999 at the United Nations Assembly Hall in Geneva and will remain in session until Thursday, 17 June.

  4. Press release

    Forced labour in Myanmar still widespread, says ILO

    25 May 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - In spite of the Government's formal statements to the contrary, forced labour remains widespread in Myanmar, says Juan Somavia, Director-General of the International Labour Office (ILO) in a report 1 dispatched to members of the ILO Governing Body on 21 May and made public today.

  5. Press release

    ILO to consider sweeping universal ban on worst forms of child labour

    25 May 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The International Labour Organization (ILO), at its annual Conference here in June, is expected to adopt a new international Convention aimed at an immediate, universal ban on the worst forms of child labour that still afflict millions of children worldwide, and in some cases appear to be worsening.

  6. Press release

    Small-scale mining on the increase in developing countries

    17 May 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - Small-scale mining is expanding rapidly and often uncontrollably in many developing countries, employing large numbers of women and children in dangerous conditions and generating a workplace fatality rate up to 90 times higher than mines in industrialized countries, says a new report * by the International Labour Office (ILO).

April 1999

  1. Press release

    ILO Estimates Over 1 Million Work-Related Fatalities Each Year

    12 April 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - Over one million work-related deaths occur annually according to ILO estimates and hundreds of millions of workers suffer from workplace accidents and occupational exposure to hazardous substances worldwide, the Chief of the ILO's Health and Safety programme told delegates assembled today in São Paulo at the opening of the 15 th World Congress on Occupational Safety and Health.

March 1999

  1. Press release

    ILO Governing Body Agrees on Follow-up to Declaration on Fundamental Rights Requests action on Myanmar Commission of Inquiry

    25 March 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - Concluding its 274 th session, the ILO Governing Body settled a number of outstanding technical questions related to the follow-up of the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 1998. It also asked the Director-General of the ILO to urgently contact the Government of Myanmar regarding a 1998 Commission of Inquiry finding that use of forced labour was pervasive in the country.

  2. Press release

    Juan Somavia sworn in as ILO Director-General

    22 March 1999

    GENEVA (ILO News) - Forecasting "a new stage of creativity and modernization" for the International Labour Organization, Mr. Juan Somavia of Chile was today formally sworn in as the ninth Director-General in a special sitting of the Organization's Governing Body in Geneva.