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Unlocking Potential #2: ILO's apprenticeship programme in Uganda - Story of Fatuma

This is a second video from a series highlighting inspirational stories of young refugees and hosts finding employment and livelihood opportunities with support from ILO PROSPECTS' apprenticeship programme in Uganda.

Date issued: 18 September 2023 |

In our second video from a series of inspirational stories of young refugees and hosts from Uganda, who are overcoming barriers of displacement through apprenticeship programmes supported by the International Labour Organization, Ms. Fatuma Barafumwa, a refugee from the Democratic republic of Congo shares her apprenticeship journey in Hotel Management training.

The International Labour Organization, Uganda's Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) and Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA) jointly developed a training cum apprenticeship programme implemented at Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (UHTTI) in Jinja.

Post training, she worked as apprentice with Hotel Le Confidential gaining exposure to international chefs and hands on experience of working in the restaurant kitchen. Disappointed after attending many career support programmes of lesser quality and value, the ILO initiative came as a welcome surprise for Fatuma as it delivered a more promising outcome for her future.

ILO’s partnership with MGLSD and UHOA has resulted in a sustainable and high quality apprenticeship programme attracting placement of hotel management trainees in over 40 of the country’s hotels.

ILO’s support to MGLSD has been instrumental in guiding government on the development of a National Apprenticeship Framework that stipulates how apprenticeship programs should be designed and implemented. Together with social partners, ILO has also supported partners to design apprenticeship curriculum in four trades in the hotel sector as well as workplace supervisors manuals to guide workplace mentorship of apprentices.