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Unlocking Potential #3: ILO's apprenticeship programme in Uganda - Story of Gad

This is a third video from a series highlighting inspirational stories of young refugees and hosts finding employment and livelihood opportunities with support from ILO PROSPECTS' apprenticeship programme in Uganda.

Date issued: 25 September 2023 |

Being able to earn their own livelihood can be a great moral boost for person's self dignity. Gad Harindimana, a refugee from Rwanda living in Nakivale refugee settlement experienced it on finding job as a motorcycle mechanic after completing the Rural Employment Services programme supported by the International Labour Organization  and AVSI Foundation.

This is our third video from a series of inspirational stories of young refugees and hosts from Uganda, who are overcoming barriers of displacement through ILO supported programmes.

This ILO supported innovative programme provides customized employment services suitable to the local context, enhances the employability of refugees and host communities through job matching services, provides job search assistance and counselling, provides labour market information and referrals to the labour market policies.