Maternity protection at work. Report 87 V (1)

Revision of the Maternity Protection Convention (Revised) 1952 (No. 103) and Recommendation, 1952 (No. 95) ILO

Maternity protection in the last half century has been marked by progress in law, an evolution in workplace practice and rising social expectations regarding the rights of working women during their childbearing years. Yet the gains registered have so far failed to resolve the fundamental problem experienced by most, if not all, working women at some point in their professional lives: unequal treatment in employment due to their reproductive role. This report reviews the current state of maternity protection in ILO member States. It discusses the scope of national legislation, the right to maternity leave, cash and medical benefits, employment security and safety and health measures, as well as provisions for parental leave. As womens' participation in the labour market continues to rise and women return to work after childbirth in ever greater numbers, the need for measures which enable them to reconcile their specific role in childbearing with their professional activities has become more evident. Much rema