Standards Review Mechanism Tripartite Working Group (SRM TWG)

Standards Review Mechanism tripartite working group and its terms of reference (2015)

At its 323rd Session in March 2015, the Governing Body decided to establish under the SRM a tripartite working group composed of 32 members: 16 representing Governments, eight representing Employers and eight representing Workers to meet once per year for one week. The Governing Body requested the Director-General to prepare draft terms of reference for consideration.

During tripartite consultations in October 2015, draft terms of reference for the SRM TWG were developed. The Office prepared a background information note for these consultations to facilitate the development of the terms of reference, outlining elements that had already been agreed to and those requiring further consideration before their formal adoption.

At its 325th Session, the Governing Body considered and adopted terms of reference for the SRM TWG. Further, the Governing Body appointed Mr Jan Farzan (Germany) as Chairperson of the SRM TWG and decided to convene two meetings of the SRM TWG in 2016, one prior to its 326th Session and the other prior to its 328th Session.

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