ILO Technical Note

ILO Technical Note: The state of application of the provisions for social security of the international treaties on social rights ratified by ESTONIA

ILO Technical Note contains country specific reference materials (statistics, indicators, analytical tables and graphs, methodologies, legal and economic assessments) related to monitoring ILO member States’ compliance and reporting obligations in the field of social security under ratified UN, ILO and regional instruments on economic and social rights.

It is designed as a comprehensive guidance tool for assessing the adequacy of the statutory social security benefits, including minimum amounts and social protection floors, cross-referencing for this purpose the statistical data on selected income and poverty indicators from national and international sources, and determining the Standard Reference Wage to be used for calculating the replacement level of benefits depending on the type of the social security scheme involved.

Technical Notes take the approach of Integrated Management of a country’s legal obligations to fulfil and report on the interrelated provisions on social security of the international treaties on social rights in the light of the often complementary conclusions and recommendations made by their supervisory bodies.