Think.Coop online is now available!

Given the difficulty in conducting face-to-face training during the current pandemic, the ILO has developed a set of materials for the online delivery of the Think.Coop training programme.

Actualité | 29 mai 2020
Think.Coop is an easy-to-use tool for those interested in establishing or joining a cooperative. It helps participants understand the cooperative model, its specific benefits and challenges, and make an informed decision about the suitability of the cooperative model.

The online tool is conceived for participants who cannot attend face-to-face training. There will be a facilitator who will navigate the online training for the participants, encourage their participation and discussions and support them in their learning journey. It is advised to have maximum five participants at a time, to allow for interactions.

The duration of the online training is two hours. It can be conducted using any software that allows for live video conference such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. Therefore, it is important that both the facilitator and participants have a good internet connection and access to a computer/laptop or smartphone.

Think.Coop online is composed of: 1) pre- and post-training surveys, 2) PowerPoint presentation with main content and exercises, 3) guidance note for facilitator and 4) guidance note for participants.

Think.COOP online was developed collaboratively by the ILO Decent Work Team Bangkok and the Cooperatives Unit of the Enterprises Department at the ILO. For more information please contact: