ILO DG speaks at a session on the social and solidarity economy at the World Government Summit 2023 session

The session on “How the Social Economy Shapes a Better Future for Humanity” took place on February 12, 2023 at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

News | 15 February 2023
Moderated by Daniel Nowack from the Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, the session started with a keynote by Hilde Schwab from the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. She addressed the importance of the social and solidarity economy in driving a fair green, inclusive digital transition, and accelerating progress to reach the SDGs by 2030. ILO DG Gilbert Houngbo was joined by Wahid A. Kamalian, from Amaly Legacy and H.E. Hessa Buhumaid, Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates in the panel.

Mr Kamalian talked about the work of Amaly Legacy an organisation that works to unlock funds for NGOs and indigenous communities in developing countries through a blend of technology, asset management and social innovation. H.E. Hessa Buhumaid, the Minister of Community Development in the UAE talked about her government’s initiatives to support social entrepreneurship in the country, including an incubator programme and a dedicated accreditation system. She also reflected on the importance of government to support for the SSE.

DG Houngbo talked about the resolution adopted following a general discussion on decent work and the social and solidarity economy at the 110th International Labour Conference in 2022. He highlighted the definition of the SSE that identifies its principles and values and noted the need for a conducive environment for SSE entities that is consistent with their nature and diversity. He also referred to the possible adoption of a UN Resolution on the Social and Solidarity Economy and Sustainable Development as early as April 2023.