A joint publication by Fundación ONCE and the ILO Global Business and Disability Network

Making the green transition inclusive for persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities face unique challenges in the context of climate change – both in terms of how they are directly impacted as well as the obstacle faced in taking advantage of emerging labour market opportunities - and are often overlooked in the development and implementation of climate policies and adaptation efforts. To achieve a just transition, it is necessary that empowerment and training in emerging green job niches are inclusive to the needs of disadvantaged groups, that social dialogue with underrepresented groups is central in all policymaking processes, and that inclusion and accessibility are incorporated in the greening process and social protection systems.

Ensuring that the coming green transition is inclusive for persons with disabilities will require the concerted efforts and actions of multiple stakeholder groups. Governments play a crucial role in developing and implementing policies that promote accessibility and employment
opportunities in green sectors.

The corporate sector can implement disability-inclusive employment policies, ensure accessibility, provide training and awareness programs to employees, develop non-discrimination policies, and promote diversity in decision-making.

Trade unions and workers´ representative organizations can advocate for disability inclusion through collective bargaining agreements, training, and awareness-raising among their members, employers and employer’s organizations.

Educational and training institutions can contribute by providing accessible education and training programs, collaborating with
employers and disability organizations, and offering lifelong learning opportunities.

Disability rights organizations can advocate for disability-inclusive policies, raise awareness about challenges faced by persons with disabilities, and collaborate with other stakeholders to promote disability inclusion in the green workforce.