Cross cutting areas

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  1. Article

    ILO’s Opportunity Salone Programme empowers youths in Bombali district

    16 April 2024

    Makeni, the headquarter town of Bombali district, receives huge support from the ILO’s Opportunity Salone Programme funded by the EU, to maintain 14km feeder roads and thereby create links within the communities, providing decent jobs for unskilled Sierra Leoneans to address rural household poverty.

  2. Article

    EU-Funded Program Transforms Sierra Leone's Rural Roads, Empowering Communities and Bolstering Economic Growth

    21 March 2024

    In a remarkable collaborative effort, the International Labor Organization (ILO), with funding from European Union (EU), executes crucial routine maintenance on approximately 33.05 kilometres of roads in the Bo, Kenema, Bombali, and Port Loko Districts. This initiative seeks to not only connect communities but also create vital access to markets, fostering economic growth and significantly improving the lives of residents.

  3. Press release

    Japan to support employment-intensive recovery in the earthquake-hit areas in Aleppo, Syria

    01 February 2024

  4. Case flyer

    The EIIP approach, experiences and lessons learned: Contributions to the humanitarian, development, and peace nexus in Afghanistan

    11 October 2023

    This flyer illustrates how the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) in Afghanistan, implemented since 2022 under the framework of the DWCP and the UN Joint Programme ABADEI, plays a key role in meeting both the humanitarian and development needs of the Afghan population, which continues to face unprecedented challenges.

What are Crosscutting areas?

Crosscutting areas reflect the ILO’s core values that cut across all EIIP thematic areas, and are integrated into all EIIP projects. The strengthen the unique approach that the EIIP has developed over the past half century. Some of the key crosscutting areas include:

  • Gender equality
  • Social inclusion and reaching vulnerable groups
  • Skills development
  • Working conditions and Occupational Safety and Health
  • Environmental and social safeguards
  • Social dialogue

The resources listed provide practical guidance how these care ILO values can be integrated into projects and programmes.