Serbia Floods 2014: Recovery Needs Assessment

In May 2014 heavy rains fell over Serbia resulting in a rapid and substantial increase of water levels in the main rivers in the western, south-western, central and eastern parts of the country that causing flooding and landslides. Urban and rural areas were completely covered with water, cut off and without electricity and/or communications for several days leading to a significant number of displaced households, job losses and disrupted livelihoods. This flood was the most serious natural disaster experienced by Serbia in the past 120 years.

Based on the 2008 UN, EU and WB tripartite agreement to jointly respond to crises at the request of governments, the three partners deployed in the aftermath of the floods a team of international experts to conduct a Recovery Needs Assessment (RNA). The ILO led jointly with UNDP the Livelihoods, Employment and Economic Recovery (LEER) Sector Assessment.