• In fragile and conflict-affected States […] poverty rates are generally 21 percentage points higher than in other States. […] The threat that their condition poses to the prosperity of others is one compelling reason why the ILO should give priority to them.”

    Guy Ryder, ILO Director General
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    ILO in fragile situations

    Key background information on the ILO's work in fragile situations, including major recent programmes that have helped transform countries recovering from extreme hardship into resilient and functioning States.

Work, peace and resilience

Roughly 2 billion people live in countries experiencing situations of fragility and armed violence, and another 200 million people are affected by the slow or sudden onset of disasters. Conflict and catastrophic events are triggered by a variety of factors and can impact differently on societies, but one way or another they all undermine peoples’ livelihoods and create decent work deficits. Left unattended, these problems can lead to increased poverty, inequality and social unrest.

Through its distinctive rights-based development approach, the ILO contributes to building the resilience of nations and people caught in fragile, conflict and disaster situations. In direct collaboration with its member States, tripartite constituents, UN partners, international and national agencies, the ILO supports an employment-centred recovery from crises while promoting decent work and social justice as key drivers of resilience and social cohesion.


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    Complexities of local peace: climate change, forced displacement and decent work

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    Sustaining peace through employment and decent work

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    Peace and resilience through decent work

  4. Building social cohesion: country experiences

    Building social cohesion: country experiences

  5. Sustaining peace through employment and decent work

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    COVID-19 and the world of work

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    ILO response to disasters

  8. ILO's Recommendation 205 on employment and decent work for peace and resilience (2017)

  9. ILO's flagship programme on Jobs for Peace and Resilience (JPR) 

  10. Ukraine crisis

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    Crisis migration

Post-disaster assessments

  1. The ILO, a key partner in Post Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNA)

    The ILO provides direct support to governments and social partners in undertaking Post-Disaster Needs Assessments in the ‘Employment, Livelihoods and Social Protection’ sector.

Conflict affected states

  1. Laying the economic foundations for peace-building and state-building

    The ILO works with the g7+ group to promote Decent Work in 20 conflict-affected countries, focusing on three broad areas of cooperation:

    • job creation
    • skills development
    • social protection and social safety nets