Publications on Equality and discrimination

January 2005

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    Bonded labour in Bolivia

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) Este estudio presenta los resultados de una investigación en Bolivia, encargada por un antropólogo y un científico social, sobre el trabajo forzoso en la zafra de azúcar en Santa Cruz, la castaña en el norte amazónico boliviano y las comunidades cautivas del Chaco.

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    Bonded labour in Paraguay

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) A través del presente informe, la OIT pretende dar respuesta a la petición del Gobierno de Paraguay de establecer de manera objetiva los hechos relativos al trabajo forzoso y la discriminación que sufren los indígenas en el Chaco paraguayo. Este tipo de trabajo forzoso, es a menudo una manifestación de un patrón más amplio de discriminación hacia los indígenas. Es importante señalar, que el trabajo forzoso existe en una minoría de las haciendas del Chaco.

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    Forced Labour In Peru

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) Este estudio presenta los resultados de una investigación, encargada por un antropólogo y un científico social, sobre la existencia del trabajo forzoso en Perú.

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    Using the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work - Guidelines for the transport sector

    01 January 2005

    These guidelines use the code of practice on HIV/AIDS, and its accompanying training manual. The present guidelines for the transport sector look first (in Section I) at some of the specific problems facing transport – the emphasis is on road transport but consideration is also given to other transport industries. They then present an overview of initiatives that have been taken, first at the legal and policy level then at the workplace, to address the occupational and behavioural risks associated with transport. Section II incorporates examples of action and guidance based on lessons learnt. The final section takes the reader through the code of practice and training manual, and shows where transport sector operators and authorities can find relevant provisions, explanations and advice to help them develop and implement HIV/AIDS programmes.

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    A handbook on HIV/AIDS for labour and factory inspectors

    01 January 2005

    The purpose of the handbook is to help labour and factory inspectors deal with the issue of HIV/AIDS in their work. In particular, it will help inspectors apply the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, which was adopted in June 2001. The Code provides guidance for governments, employers and workers, as well as other stakeholders, in formulating and implementing national action plans and workplace policies and programmes to combat HIV/AIDS.

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    Using the ILO Code of Practice and training manual - Guidelines for labour judges and magistrates

    01 January 2005

    These guidelines aim to contribute to a fuller understanding of ILO standards and principles relevant to HIV/AIDS. They focus on the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work, and provide examples of the ways in which the key principles of the Code have been applied through national legislation and jurisprudence.

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    HIV/AIDS Behaviour Change Communication – A toolkit for the workplace

    01 January 2005

    To address the objective of reducing HIV/AIDS risk behaviours among workers, the ILO has collaborated closely with Family Health International to build upon FHI’s expertise and experience to develop a Toolkit on behaviour change communication adapted to the dynamics of the workplace. Behaviour change communication (BCC) is an interactive process that helps to understand the target population, develop a focused strategy, and produce tailored messages, which are delivered using a variety of communication channels to promote positive behaviour. The Toolkit provides a step-by-step approach, emphasizing prevention through education, gender awareness and practical support for behaviour change. Its intended users are government authorities, employers’ and workers’ and their organizations, businesses, ILO/AIDS National Project Coordinators, national BCC consultants and collaborating NGOs.

December 2004

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    Of Peace-making and Basket-weaving: ILO Convention No. 169 and the Guatemala Peace Process

    31 December 2004

November 2004

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    GET ahead for women in enterprise. Training package and resource kit

    15 November 2004

    Aims to assist ILO partner organizations in promoting enterprise development among women in poverty who want to start or are already engaged in small-scale business. Contains training modules and exercises on entrepreneurship, the business environment, including marketing, production, services, finance, and support. Explains essential business and financial terms. Appends a Marketing Mix Board Game for the exploration of ideas and to increase participants' knowledge.

May 2004

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    The International Labour Organization's Fundamental Conventions

    01 May 2004