Making Fair Recruitment a Reality!

This video chronicles the ILO’s effort to establish a corridor to recruit fairly workers from Nepal to Jordan to work in the ready-made garment sector. It highlights the power of the various actors in a supply chain to make positive change when they work together to achieve a common objective that benefits each of them.

Date issued: 11 September 2017 | Size/duration: 00:08:22

The video talks about the risks associated with recruitment from the point of view of the recruited Nepali workers, most of whom are young, poor and women, who often are required to pay large recruitment fees and related costs to their recruiters thereby arriving in Jordan in debt and are deceived about their working and living conditions.

Through this video, the ILO is demonstrating that it doesn’t have to be this way and that fair recruitment is not only good for workers, but also for their employers. When workers are provided with complete and accurate information about their employment and are not pressures by debt, they can make an informed decision to migrate for work.

Fair recruitment is key to giving workers a voice in those decisions that impact on their daily lives. In return, the factories hire a more productive and contented employee. And by following ILO’s fair recruitment principles and guidelines, the garment factories strengthen their relationships with their customers, the international brands, who are increasingly insisting on fair recruitment in their recruitment chains.

Fair recruitment pays!

Philip Fishman,
Alix Nasri,