Sustainable Development Goals

Decent Work and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: How to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through Decent Work

Decent work and productive employments are at the centre of the new development agenda.

This is most prominent in SDG 8 on decent work and sustainable and inclusive growth; decent work is present in many others of the new set of goals and their targets. Decent work is directly and indirectly linked to, amongst others, SDG 1 on Poverty Eradication, SDG 4 on Education, SDG 5 on Gender Equality, SDG 9 on Industry Innovation and Infrastructure, SDG 10 on Non-discrimination, SDG 13 on Climate action as well as SDG 16 on Just and Peaceful Societies. To further facilitate understanding of the linkages between the ILO decent work agenda and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the ILO developed the "Decent Work 4 Sustainable Development Resource Platform" (DW4SD). The DW4SD resource platform is an interactive tool, which provides guidance and support to position decent work in SDG processes at the national level. This course is built around the DW4SD Resource Platform and will foster an in-depth understanding of the Decent Work-Sustainable Development (DW-SD) nexus. Participants will be able to design and conduct structured discussions and workshops around the centrality of employment and decent work in national SDG processes, both at the formulation stage and at the implementation and monitoring stages. Sessions will cover: the 2030 Agenda and its 17 goals and their targets; the implementation of SDGs through integration of decent work in national sustainable development policies and processes, SDG indicators and good practices on working on the DW-SD nexus, and resource mobilization within the 2030 Agenda framework.

Target audience

Government officials; representatives of employers' and workers' organizations; policymakers dealing with national development planning processes; civil society organizations with a mandate to promote decent work/sustainable development; UN and ILO staff involved in technical programmes in employment-related matters with a strong interest in sustainable development. This course is of particular interest for officials active in One UN Joint Programmes with Decent Work components.

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