Fostering green business growth

Green businesses save scarce resources, help maintain healthy ecosystems, minimize pollution and waste, limit greenhouse emissions, and provide green goods and services to enable more responsible consumption patterns. Green businesses are vital for a development model that delivers a triple bottom-line of prosperity, planet and people. Many entrepreneurs worldwide have understood that going green is not only good for the environment, but makes business sense too!

By promoting businesses going green, countries unlock private sector investment in environmentally sound practices and technologies, reduce costs and protect ecosystems. By supporting companies developing green products and services, governments foster access to new markets, boost innovation and ensure that their SME stays ahead of competition. Developed and middle-income countries are leading the way in supporting green business development, while a number of low-income countries are also taking positive steps. How do they do this? What works and what doesn't work in supporting green business development? Join this course to find out and stay tuned on green business growth strategies.

What topics does this course cover?

This course provides both a conceptual and practical overview of the policies and instruments countries have at their disposition to support SMEs going green, including:
  • Green business development services, green business competitions, green business training, marketing, fast prototyping and B2B
  • Green innovation policies and green business incubation
  • Certification, eco-labelling and tracing in the supply chain
  • Green financial instruments: Green loans, green bonds and green investments
  • Ecosystem for green entrepreneurship development

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