Senegal: Towards a green jobs strategy

In Senegal, project activities under the framework of PAGE contribute to the implementation of a national programme on green jobs.

The ILO has supported several sectoral green jobs mapping studies on agriculture, energy and climate change adaptation in the context of three local regions of Senegal. In addition, a project on migration and environmental sustainability in the Sahel was implemented to address environmental degradation as one of the sources of migration in West Africa. The project focused on creating economic opportunities through green jobs, as vectors of local development, to better guide policies to promote employment and productive investment migrants. In 2012, more than 2,000 young people have participated in social and occupational orientation workshops. Hundreds of migrants and their families have had access to training on investment opportunities, managing family finances, and promoting good use of remittances.

At the national level, Senegal’s new national development strategies known as “Plan Senegal Emergent” (PSE) has identified the creation of green jobs as one of its priorities. In support to the implementation of the PSE, the ILO is partnering with Senegal in three areas: 1) analytical support which includes a green job assessment to identify and measure current and future opportunities for employment creation; 2) support to the implementation of a multi-year national programme on green jobs (jointly with UNDP) and the formation of a national strategy on green jobs; 3) institutional capacity development of leading research and policy institutions engaged in green economy and green job promotion. These activities take place under the framework of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) – a joint initiative on green economy by UNEP, ILO, UNIDO, UNITAR and UNDP.