Events & meetings

December 2022

  1. Preparing for the General Survey on Labour Administration

    Labour Administration: A global webinar for preparing reports and comments for the General Survey

    14 December 2022

    Co-organized by the International Labour Standards Department (NORMES) and the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO)

  2. Event

    Capacity-building workshops for 96 labour inspectors held by the CONMIGO Project

    1 December 2022 - 28 February 2023

    THAMM contributes to a series of capacity-building workshops for 96 labour inspectors held by the CONMIGO Project

April 2022

  1. Event

    Presentation of the ILO Technical Guidelines on General Principles of Labour Inspection

    26 April 2022

    Join the ILO for this high-level virtual discussion, which will explore the topic of the ILO technical guidelines on general principles of labour inspection.

December 2021

  1. Meeting of Experts

    Tripartite validation of the technical guidelines on general principles of labour inspection

    13 - 16 December 2021

January 2020

  1. Event

    Labour Inspectorate - "Go to Light" Campaign successfully implemented in Ukraine

    1 January - 31 December 2020

    Over 3,7 mln persons in Ukraine learned about the benefits of declaring work through the "GO TO LIGHT!" campaign in 2020; over 220 thousand workers were declared following labour inspectorate’s information and inspection campaigns.

November 2018

  1. Event

    EC-ILO joint conference on domestic workers and Occupational Safety and Health

    12 - 13 November 2018

    The European Commission (EC) together with the International Labour Organization (ILO) are organizing a high level conference on domestic workers and occupational safety and health (OSH) in Brussels on 12-13 November 2018.

November 2017

  1. Event

    Training Series on EU Directives

    24 November - 11 December 2017

May 2017

  1. Event

    A pilot Labour Inspection Campaign to deter undeclared work discussed with Ukrainian labour inspectors

    22 - 23 May 2017

September 2015

  1. Event

    Regional tripartite workshop on the promotion of decent work for migrant workers: Governance and integration dimensions, African Regional Labour Administration Centre (ARLAC)

    28 September - 1 October 2015

    he workshop was intended for 20 officials of governments, employers’ and workers organization and all those who are involved in the development, strengthening, implementation and evaluation of national, regional and international labour migration policies and practices in ARLAC member countries. Sessions dealt with the ILO Fair Migration Agenda and Decent Work approach to migration, Global trends in labour migration, Regional integration, Adopting a Rights Based Approach, Managing migration in Times of Crisies (IOM), HIV Aids and Migration and Social Dialogue and the Governance of Labour Migration.

  2. Event

    Meeting of Experts to Adopt Flag State Guidelines for the Implementation of the Work in Fishing Convention

    21 - 25 September 2015

  3. Event

    Training workshop on labour migration and trade unions at the request of the Commission des Syndicats de Travailleurs de l’Océan Indien (CSTOI)

    18 - 19 September 2015

    In collaboration with ACTRAV and the ILO Country Office in Madagascar, the ILO DWT Pretoria offered a two-day training workshop on labour migration to this platform of Indian Ocean trade unions in order to sensitize and train unionists to the protection of migrant workers from a Decent Work and Fair Migration perspective. The workshop was attended by 25 participants from the most representative unions of each territory constitutive of the CSTOI (4 from Mauritian unions; 3 from Mayotte; 2 from Reunion; 1 from Seychelles; 2 from Comores; 13 from Madagascar; 11 of whom were women). An action plan including labour migration activities was drafted and adopted by all members. In addition to updating CSTOI priority actions, it aligns to ILO standards and frameworks on labour migration, as well as to the African Union Joint Labour Migration Programme and SADC Labour Migration Policy Framework.

  4. Event

    Special Session on Labour Migration and Regional Integration, ILERA Congress

    7 September 2015

    Presentation by Aurelia Segatti, Labour Migration Expert, ILO DWT for Southern and Esterna Africa, on Labour Migration Governance and Regional Trends.

July 2015

  1. Event

    Labour Migration Information Sharing Session

    17 - 18 July 2015

    A two-day labour migration information sharing session was convened by the Zimbabwean Ministry of Labour and Social Security, to review and update the national draft labour migration policy and validate progress in the Migrant Doemstic Workers Global Action Programme which Zimbabwe is part of. Over 40 participants from a range of ministries, international organisations (IOM), social partners and the IFRC EU funded project on trafficking and Migrant Domestic Workers attend the event. Anew timeframe for completion of the draft policy by end of 2015 was supported. Various presentations were given y ILO specialists on the following topics: "Global, regional and sub-regional policy frameworks on labour migration"; "BLAs on Labour Migration: Examples of good practice” ; “Convention 189 on Domestic Workers”; "The Global Action Programme on Migrant Domestic Workers and its achievements”.

June 2015

  1. Event

    Training on migration instruments and General Survey Report and Labour Migration Information Sharing Session

    17 - 18 June 2015

    A two-day training on migration instruments for the 2016 General Survey Report and labour migration information sharing session was convened by the Lesotho Ministry of Labour. Over 60 participants from a range of ministries, international organisations (IOM, UNDP), social partners (NACOLA) attended the two days. Presentations from ILO specialists, the Lesotho Ministry of Labour, migrant workers' organisations, and social partners provided targeted information on how to respond to an ILO General Survey and what are the specificities of the ILO migration instruments. An action plan for Lesotho to finalise its report was adopted. More presentations were given on the second day on various aspects of Lesotho's Decent Work Country Programme priorities, labour migration policy globally and regionally, on progress in the Lesotho leg of the Migrant Domestic Workers Global Action Programme and on organisational challenges in mobilisation migrant workers in Lesotho.

September 2014

  1. Event

    Global Dialogue Forum on Wages and Working Hours in the Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries

    23 - 25 September 2014

    Tripartite participants discussed ways to address wages and working hours in the textiles, clothing, leather and footwear industries.

  2. Strengthen work safety foundation and improve safety-enabling capacity

    7th China International Forum on Work Safety

    23 - 24 September 2014

    Under the theme “Strenghten work safety foundation and improve safety-enabling capacity”, the forum will revolve around related topics such as underground mine refuge chambers, management and control of major hazard sources of chemicals, prevention and control of occupational hazards in workplaces, safety inspection by governments and social supervision, and promoting the progress of safety foundation of enterprises.

July 2014

  1. Event

    ASEAN Labour Inspection Conference 2014

    3 - 4 July 2014

    It is the succeeding event to three previous conferences that tackled and provided recommendations on national and ASEAN-level issues which included developing new methods and tools for improving labour inspection effectiveness, strengthening enforcement of national safety and health laws, and concerns surrounding labour migration, child labour, and the agricultural sector.

December 2013

  1. Meeting of Experts

    Labour Inspection and the Role of Private Compliance Initiatives

    10 - 12 December 2013

    Following a general discussion on labour administration and labour inspection at the 100th Session (2011) of the International Labour Conference, the ILO Governing Body decided in October 2013 to convene a meeting of experts on labour inspection and the role of private compliance initiatives.

September 2012

  1. Event

    The 6th China International Forum on Work Safety and Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition

    18 - 19 September 2012

    The forum represents a primary information platform about China’s policy development trade in safety and health. The exhibition is an opportunity to link businesses with China’s market and provides a venue for understanding China’s safety technologies and products demand.