Media and the Fair Recruitment Initiative: ILO and IFJ engage journalists on ethical reporting

The ILO held a workshop in collaboration with IFJ on media reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment. The workshop gathered professional journalists and media trainers from fifteen different countries. During the workshop, the Toolkit on Media reporting on Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment was reviewed by the participating journalists and its practical dissemination and utilization by the media in both departure and destination countries involved in international recruitment processes was discussed. It was the opportunity for fruitful exchanges of experience that will enrich the Toolkit and build its momentum on the way to its release.

This activity was organized jointly by the ILO and the IFJ with the support of ILO projects REFRAME, Bridge, FAIR and FAIRWAY, funded by the European Commission, the United States Department of Labor (under cooperative agreement number IL-27592-15-75-K) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation respectively.