Enhanced recognition of skills and reduced vulnerability of Sri Lankan construction workers in selected GCC countries – U.A.E. and Kuwait (IOM-ILO collaboration)

This project is a sub component of IOM (International Organization for Migration), project on “‘Strengthening Labour Migration Governance across Colombo Process Member States’” funded by SDC and operates in the framework of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue, Colombo Process and the general approach of the UAE skills pilot.

The mismatch in skills assessments and recognition frameworks in Countries of Origin (COOs) and Countries of Destination (CODs) have put migrant workers and employers at a disadvantage. Efforts need to be made to ensure Sri Lankan workers migrating to the Middle East are equally qualified and recognized as other workers in order to access better jobs (with higher wages) and to remain competitive.

This project will contribute towards establishing a system of skills matching to at least the minimum level required by the destination country which will minimize exploitation and trafficking and ensure better wages and working conditions for the construction workers. The enhanced skills will facilitate swifter reintegration upon their return.