The SOLVE training package: Integrating health promotion into workplace OSH policies

The material covers the management of health promotion at the workplace to deal with nine topics: stress and economic stress, violence, tobacco and smoke-free workplaces, alcohol and drugs, nutrition, physical activity, healthy sleep and HIV/AIDS. The package includes a participant's workbook, a trainer’s guide, lesson plans and a CD-ROM with presentations and background material.

Instructional material | 18 April 2012

The SOLVE training package focuses on the prevention of psychosocial risks and the promotion of health and well-being at work through policy design and action.

The ILO designed the new SOLVE with the aim of integrating workplace health promotion into OSH policies. The new version (2012) builds upon the experience acquired through the implementation of SOLVE's training programme since 2002. The five original subjects have been reviewed and considerably expanded in the light of scientific developments and good practices to meet the new challenges of a changing world of work. It also considers new challenging situations in times of change which can contribute to economic stress. The material aims to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate the topics into an occupational safety and health policy and a workplace health promotion action programme.

SOLVE advocates that a comprehensive OSH management system should ensure that risk management includes the assessment and control of psychosocial risks to properly manage their impact in the same way as it is done with other hazards and risks, and that health promotion measures are incorporated into the organization's policy. SOLVE uses the social dialogue approach to promote the implementation of successful workplace and community initiatives with the involvement of employers, workers, governments, public services and NGOs.

This training package is meant for HR managers, trade unions, employers' associations, OSH professionals and national institutions responsible for the health and well-being of workers. A SOLVE training of trainers programme is part of the curricula of ILO’s International training Centre in Turin Italy.