Selection Committee

The Selection Committee (ILC Standing Orders, articles 4 and 55(2) ) is composed of 28 members appointed by the Government group, 14 members appointed by the Employers’ group, and 14 by the Workers’ group. Its responsibilities include arranging the programme of the Conference, fixing the time and agenda of its plenary sittings and addressing other routine questions on behalf of the Conference. The Selection Committee may be called on at any time to consider specific issues referred to it by the Conference.

  1. New

    Consideration of the draft resolution concerning Myanmar submitted by the Workers' group

    Upon the recommendation of the Officers of the Conference, the Conference decided on Monday 14 June to refer the draft resolution on Myanmar to the Selection Committee for its consideration. The Selection Committee has to report back to the plenary on Friday 18 June.

    The Committee held a first sitting devoted to a general discussion on the draft resolution on Tuesday 15 June and two sittings to discuss the proposed amendments to the text on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 June.

    Draft resolution as amended to be approved by the Committee on 18 June with a view to recommending its adoption to the Conference

  2. At the 109th Session, the Selection Committee considered during its first sitting on 2 June the following three matters:

    • item VII of the Conference agenda concerning the abrogation of eight international labour Conventions and withdrawal of ten international labour Conventions and 11 international labour Recommendations. Detailed information on this item is provided in reports ILC.109/VII/A(2) and ILC.109/VII/B(2), as well as in Appendix II of document ILC.109/D.2;

    • the amended text of the Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference contained in Appendix I of document ILC.109/D.2; and

    • the proposed resolution on the principle of equality among ILO Member States and fair representation of all regions in the ILO’s tripartite governance contained in Appendix III of document ILC.109/D.2