IPEC teachers' information kit

The IPEC Teachers’ Information Kit is designed to raise awareness among this key group of professionals and activists of the nature and effects of child labour. It also aspires to instil a sense of commitment and motivation to inform others of the problem, including students, colleagues, organization members, other actors in the community, the wider trade union movement and society in general. It is hoped that, armed with the requisite knowledge and inspired by the examples of others presented in the kit, users will be moved to take action in the classroom and in their organizations to support global efforts to give child labourers everywhere back their childhood and access to a decent education.

The User’s Guide helps teachers and educators as they undertake their journey towards greater awareness of the problem of child labour and develop their plan of action to support the global campaign to eliminate it. It also provides important background information on the campaign to eliminate child labour, focusing on the efforts of the ILO, UNESCO and the Education For All campaign, UNICEF and civil society. The guide presents a series of ideas for teachers and educators for practical activities in the classroom and among their colleagues, including setting up networks to share ideas, experiences and resources. Download the User’s Guide.

The purpose of Book 1 is to provide teachers with basic information about child labour, children’s rights and the important role of education in the prevention and elimination of child labour. It also aims to stimulate discussion among teachers, as well as between teachers, children, parents and communities to provide a better understanding of the child labour problem and help those involved to organize strategies for action in order to prevent and eliminate it. Download Book 1.

Book 2 aims to discuss the role of teachers and other actors in the fight against child labour. It provides examples of action taken by teachers, educators and their organizations in different countries in tackling the child labour problem. These examples aim to encourage and inspire teachers to take action and provide them with ideas and strategies they can draw upon and adapt when setting up their own campaigns. Download Book 2.

Book 3, Combating child labour through education, is the IPEC publication on education and social mobilization and will provide greater perspective of the organization’s holistic approach to the issue. It details IPEC’s strategy in the fields of formal, non-formal and vocational education and skills training. It provides examples of initiatives in action against child labour through education and training, girls’ education and the alliances it establishes with key social actors in the field of education. Download Book 3.