TVET Mapping: Social Partners

“This report discusses the connection between technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and the productive sectors in Africa. It consists of two parts: a literature review that examines previous research on this topic in Africa, and an analysis of surveys conducted with key stakeholders such as employer associations, workers' organizations, and individual unions. The surveys aimed to gather their perspectives on the role of TVET in hiring and training, as well as their involvement in formal TVET systems in their respective countries. The findings of the research contribute to developing strategic recommendations for strengthening the relationship between TVET systems and the productive sector in Africa. The involvement of employers in TVET is considered crucial for ensuring its relevance and effectiveness. The report's evidence-based analysis of the current state of TVET in Africa and its connection with industry can inform policy frameworks and recommendations to enhance the link between TVET and the world of work in Africa.”