Inter-agency career guidance event

Digital Technologies in Career Guidance – A conversation with Jaana Kettunen

This is the first in a series of informal talks between members of the inter-agency career guidance working group and international career guidance experts. The conversation will focus on the impact of artificial intelligence and digital technologies on career guidance.

Relevant websites presented during the session can be found in this short summary.
The world of work is changing rapidly owing to digital technologies, bringing forth both opportunities and challenges to career guidance: What can and should change?

Organised by the inter-agency group on career guidance (IAG), this thematic informal exchange was the first in a series of discussions about career guidance. The session shared insights on the impact of artificial intelligence and digital technologies on career guidance and how best to leverage the new opportunities and address challenges that arise as a result. The session featured Professor Jaana Kettunen, Vice-director of the Finnish Institute for Educational Research. Jaana’s research revolves around career guidance practice and public policy development with a special interest on the design and use of information and communication technology in career guidance.

The session also brought together experts from different agencies including ILO, OECD, and UNESCO, who will briefly showcase some of their ongoing work.

Type: Informal talk
When: 27 October
Where: 14:00 CET, Zoom


Anyone interested in learning about the impact of digital technologies on career guidance and how to use them effectively can join this session. The session will be especially interesting for career guidance practitioners, career development researchers, policymakers, careers service/ learning institution managers, teachers, and trainers. There are no fees to join.