Webinar series on core skills

ILO soft skills modules - The InBusiness training programme experience in South-East Asia

This is the first episode in a series to share knowledge from numerous organisations and initiatives on why core skills are essential, how they can be delivered, and what impact they can have. This episode will focus on the soft skills modules developed under the ILO Women in STEM Programme.

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As the world of work undergoes deep transformative changes, there is a growing understanding of the importance of core skills that apply to all jobs – such as socio-emotional skills, as well as basic digital skills - because they strengthen people’s employability and their capacity to flexibly adapt to changes in the labour market.

Throughout this webinar series, participants will discover different examples, initiatives and practices about the development, delivery and assessment of core skills around the world. Each episode will start with a presentation followed by a discussion and Q&A.

For the first episode, Jordi Prat Tuca from the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific will share some insights about InBusiness - an ILO soft skills training programme developed through the ILO Women in STEM Programme that aims to improve critical soft skills among women workers in the STEM sector to expand their career prospects.


The webinar series is free and is for anyone interested in learning about core skills development. The first episode will be in English. The recording will be made available on this page.