The SKILLS Bridge Masterclass

Masterclass Series “The SKILLS Bridge” - Episode 5: Small Steps, Big Gains: Micro-credentials for Lifelong Learning

In the framework of the “SKILLS Bridge” Masterclass series, a joint initiative by the ILO, World Bank and UNESCO, this episode discussed the topic “Small Steps, Big Gains: Micro-credentials for Lifelong Learning.”

Micro-credentials provide a convenient and fast way to acquire specific skills, enabling individuals to remain adaptable in today's dynamic job market. However, to fully realize their potential, challenges such as establishing standards, recognition, affordability, and staying up-to-date with industry changes need to be addressed. Please find more information, including the agenda and speakers, in the concept note.


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Anyone interested in improving skills and lifelong learning systems around the world can join these Masterclasses. There are no fees.


Coordinator and moderator of the Masterclass series:
Ashwani Aggarwal, Team Leader (Skills Policy, Systems and Digitalization), ILO Geneva (

Contact Person:
Livia Husmann, ILO Geneva (