Inter-agency career guidance event

The quest for quality in career guidance – A conversation with Sareena Hopkins

This is the second in a series of informal talks between members of the inter-agency career guidance working group and international career guidance experts. The conversation will focus on quality assurance in career guidance and how to leverage it.


Organised by the inter-agency group on career guidance (IAG), this session aims at sharing insights on critical issues and diverse paths to ensuring quality in career guidance.

The session features Sareena Hopkins, the Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF), who has been pivotal in leading strategic initiatives both nationally and globally.  Her work extends to collaborating with various councils on policy frameworks for career education and smooth student transitions. Emphasizing policy, research, development, and capacity building, Ms. Hopkins is also the founding Executive Officer of the Canadian Council for Career Development and received the prestigious International Gold Medal for Leadership in Career Development in 2014.

The session also brings together expertise from different agencies including ILO, OECD, Cedefop and UNESCO, who will briefly showcase some of their ongoing work.


Anyone interested in learning about quality assurance in career guidance and how to leverage it can join this class. The session may be especially interesting for career guidance practitioners, career development researchers, policymakers, careers service/ learning institution managers, teachers, and trainers. There are no fees to join.