The SKILLS Bridge Masterclass

Innovations and Strategies for Recognition of Prior Learning in Africa

In view of the challenges faced by African countries in implementing RPL, this episode of the “SKILLS Bridge” Masterclass series is titled "Innovations and Strategies for RPL in Africa" and is co-organised with our partners, the Sub–Saharan African Skills & Apprenticeship Stakeholders Network (SASASNET) and the African Development Bank (AfDB).


Most learning occurs through non-formal and informal means, whether at work, home, or elsewhere. In fact, in many developing countries, most people acquire workplace skills by informal means. In the absence of recognised qualifications, they face severe disadvantages in finding decent jobs, migrating to other regions and accessing further education and training. Unfortunately, most formal education and training systems are not geared to recognise non-formal and informal learning. This not only hinders the development of human capital but is also a cause of its under-utilization. As a result, the recognition of knowledge, skills and competencies acquired through non-formal and informal means is becoming a highly aspirational, political, and social issue, attracting the attention of policymakers. Please find the tentative agenda here.


Officials and assessors implementing RPL systems in Africa can join this Masterclass episode. There are no fees.


The working language of the webinar is English.

Technical specifications

The webinar is conducted via the ILO’s Zoom conferencing software.


Coordinator and moderator of the Masterclass series:
Ashwani Aggarwal, Team Leader (Skills Policy, Systems and Digitalization), ILO Geneva (

Contact Person:
Livia Husmann, ILO Geneva (