Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Learning Package

People are always learning, everywhere and throughout the course of their lives. Recognition of all types of learning can result in benefits in the labour market, formal education and training, financially and in terms of self-esteem. Across the world, countries increasingly recognize the value of informal and non-formal learning and many are establishing systems to acknowledge competencies gained through these modalities. Facilitating transitions from the informal to the formal economy as well as the growth in migration flows have led to greater calls for ILO assistance to constituents to establish, assess, and revise systems for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) across all regions.

This learning package draws from this experience. It describes the key building blocks of a well-functioning and inclusive RPL system, and offers a wealth of case studies and examples of how different countries have approached this endeavour. It is directed at a broad and mixed audience, including: ILO constituents, senior government officials, employers’ and workers’ organizations, assessors and facilitators.